Rental Screening Simplified

How SoftScreen Works

SoftScreen for EVERYONE!
Brokers, Realtors®, Tenants and Property Owners
It's Rental Screening Simplified.
Really, really simplified!

SoftScreen gives Tenants the ability to order, share and receive their own Rental Screening Reports!

Realtors®, Property Managers, and Property Owners, just register to create your FREE account and enter the Rental Property Address into SoftScreen!

That's It! So Absolutely Simple!


Once the Realtor® or Property Owner has entered the address of their rental property, you can locate it in our system and just click to safely, privately and legally order, receive and share reports!

SoftScreen Reports are a soft hit that won't lower your score and you can share and re-share your reports at no additional cost.
That's totally a win-win!

Just start by registering with us to create your Tenant Account.
Then locate any Rental Property listed in SoftScreen by its Realtor or Property Owner.
Click to share your reports directly with the Property Owner and/or their Realtor® or Property Manager.


You may have received an invitation by email from a Realtor® or Property Owner. Simply accept their invite to create your SoftScreen Tenant Account and share your reports.

For a Tenant's Realtor®... We've got you covered!

SoftScreen was built for you too! We've included powerful Showing Agent functionality!

Showing Agents can use SoftScreen to invite their clients to order and share Reports for any property listed within SoftScreen.

If the property is not yet listed within SoftScreen, you can enter it as a provisional listing and invite the Listing Agent to claim it as their own!
You can even invite a Property Owner for private, "for rent by owner", non-MLS rentals!

Just start the process on the Tenant's behalf and SoftScreen does the rest.
SoftScreen safeguards agency on behalf of Professional Real Estate Agents and protects the Tenant's privacy.

You've Been Invited!

SoftScreen invitations can help make Rental Screening happen...

Listing Realtors® and Property Owners... Just enter your rental property's address in SoftScreen and you can then invite any and all prospective Tenants to share their Reports with you.

With SoftScreen, Everyone Goes Home a Winner!

Property Owners and Real Estate Professionals Win!
SoftScreen delivers a complete set of robust reports and a rental application directly to those who need it for the tenant screening process...

the Property Owner and the listing Realtor®.
Either one, the other, or both.

Everyone now has the opportunity to safely and legally perform thorough due diligence based on SoftScreen’s total package of rental application and robust consumer reports:

Complete Credit Report, including score, and criminal and eviction screenings on a national level.

and Tenants Really Win!

SoftScreen delivers the exact same reports directly to Tenants!

And SoftScreen reports are a soft hit so there is no negative impact on the consumer’s credit score.

Even better, reports are not limited to just a one-time-only use! SoftScreen reports can be used multiple times, on an almost unlimited basis, avoiding future costs for additional reporting when applying for more than one rental property.

So let's Get Started, Create Your SoftScreen Account

There are Three types of SoftScreen accounts

  • Tenant
  • Property Owner
  • Agent

Simply select the applicable account type when registering with us. Use your email address and a password of your choosing to create and log into your SoftScreen account.

SoftScreen - Welcome to Rental Screening Simplified!