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We've got a video just for Property Owners... popcorn optional!

For Property Owners, SoftScreen is a completely cost-free snap!

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  1. Start by registering with us, to create your FREE Property Owner Account.
  2. Enter the address of your property by clicking to Create a listing. That's it!

Once you create your account, you will be able to easily enter your property's address.
Now, Tenants can share their complete package of robust screening Reports directly with YOU
and even with your Real Estate Professional (if you happen to have one onboard).

That's it! Rental Screening Simplified

SoftScreen is a powerful platform with features that make rental screening
manageable and easy.
Please scroll down for all the details...

So, how do you find a great Tenant?

Well, you can check references, verify employment and income and then make sure to perform your due
diligence. Thoroughly, Simply and Safely, with SoftScreen.

SoftScreen is simple to use. Just create your Property Owner Account, enter your rental property address, and you're all set. That's it!

And did we mention that it's cost-free?
Yup, FREE! That's because, with SoftScreen, Tenants always provide payment for their own reports!

SoftScreen delivers a complete set of full-featured, robust rental screening reports directly to Property Owners. Have a Real Estate Listing Professional along for the ride? We even provide copies to your Agent, if you happen to be working with one. Either one, the other, or both, now have the opportunity to perform thorough due diligence based on SoftScreen’s total package of reports: credit, credit score, criminal and eviction. You even receive the Tenant's Rental Application!

SoftScreen provides you with a detailed Credit Report along with Score, which includes a Total Credit History and an easy to read Summary. You’ll see how much credit a Tenant has, how much of it is being spent, their total debt load and the number and amount of their monthly payments. It also includes the tenant’s Known Addresses, Employment, any Judgments, Bankruptcies, Collections, and all Negative and Past Due Accounts. You even get Fraud Detection!

Just incase that special someone isn’t really who you thought they were!

The National and State Criminal Background Report pulls from over 300 MILLION criminal records including National Sexual Offender, National Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security investigations, Interpol, and the most wanted fugitives list from the FBI, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Marshall Service, U.S. Postal Service, Secret Service and the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

With our National Eviction Report, we’ll include information about Court Filings, Forcible Entry/Detainer, Civil Judgements, Small Claims Judgements, Vacated Judgements, Civil Dismissals, Judgement Releases, and Possession Judgements

With SoftScreen Property Owners can

Invite a potentially great Tenant... With just their email address, you can use SoftScreen to invite them to be screened for tenancy
Working with a Real Estate Professional? You can also invite your Realtor® to receive copies of a prospective Tenant's Reports along with you
Or, your Agent can enter the property for you and then invite YOU to receive the Reports!

Entering the rental property's address

Once you register with us, you will have your own dashboard. It's like a command center for managing your account! Just click on your "Create a listing" button located in your SoftScreen dashboard to enter the property's address. It's fast and simple to do! SoftScreen will guide you every step of the way with clear instructions.
You will be asked to provide the address, and optionally, some helpful details about the property. You can even include the email address of any Real Estate Professional you may possibly have on board to help market the listing for you.

If you have a Realtor® on board
Send reports directly to them too, automatically...

We can handle this for you!
IF you are working with a Realtor®, you'll probably include their email when creating your rental property. Copies of the Tenant's reports will now go to you AND them. SoftScreen automatically invites the Real Estate Professional to create an Agent Account and join what we refer to as the report distribution chain.
If they already have an account, awesome! They will be invited to log in and accept your invitation.
No Agent along for the ride? No worries, this is optional.

Would you like the report to go only to an Agent?

We can do that too!
SoftScreen provides the option to have Reports go only to the Real Estate Professional.
Of course, that only applies
IF you have hired a Realtor® to list and market your rental property.
FYI - SoftScreen will always let the Tenant know who is receiving a copy of their report.

Don't have the Tenant's email address?

No worries... Tenants interested in providing their reports can locate your rental property by its street address. Just let them know they can find it at wwwSoftScreen.com

Invitations... The polite way to do Rental Screening

Realtors® can send you an Invitation (to view a Tenant's reports)

IF you are working with a Realtor®, they will probably enter the rental property in SoftScreen.
It's great if they do! And then they will most likely invite you to join the report distribution chain.
When receiving an invitation, simply click the link in the email. This will give you an opportunity to create your SoftScreen Property Owner account.

If you already have an account, great! You can simply log in.

Once logged in, click the "View invitations" button to accept their invitation.
Now, whenever reports are provided by a Tenant, both you AND your Agent will be able to view them. Pretty Cool!

Anytime a Tenant shares Reports with you, we will let you know.
We'll always send you an email as soon as they do!

An Agent for the Tenant can even send you or your Realtor® an Invitation
(asking you to enter your rental property's address)

So what happens if your rental property address is not yet listed within SoftScreen, and you have agreed to let a Showing Agent bring you a Tenant? No problem here, just an awesome solution...

SHOWING AGENTS CANNOT CREATE SOMEONE ELSE'S LISTING in SoftScreen. That would be too easy, right? This is because a Tenant's Agent does not legally represent the property or the Property Owner.

To help make things easier, the Showing Agent can invite YOU to create your listing within SoftScreen.
IF you receive an invitation from a Showing Agent
Simply accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email. SoftScreen will then guide you through the process.

  • Once you've officially entered the property's address, SoftScreen immediately notifies the Agent and the Tenant with an invitation to provide reports directly to YOU
  • The Tenant accepts the invitation, logs in and provides their reports, which are available immediately
  • You will be notified by email as soon as the Tenant provides their reports. SoftScreen even notifies the Tenant's Agent that their client has provided reports directly to YOU

FYI... If the rental property has already been listed within SoftScreen then the above is not needed.
The Tenant is good to go.
They simply locate the property by its address to share their reports with YOU. Simple, Safe and Efficient!

How to View the Tenant's Reports

Viewing credit, criminal and eviction reports is easy to do. Just log in to your SoftScreen dashboard and click on your "View available reports" button. Reports for every Tenant who has applied for every one of your rental property listings will be visible. Everything in one organized place.

Letter of Adverse Action - Denial of Tenancy

What happens if a Tenant isn't suitable based on something in their consumer reports? The FCRA requires a letter of adverse action to be sent to the applicant. We've got this! With a simple click of the mouse, SoftScreen handles this for you! We will notify the Tenant with the appropriate letter that meets your obligation under the FCRA. Things just got that much easier!

So Let's Get Started... Create your Free SoftScreen Property Owner Account

SoftScreen - Rental Screening Simplified