Rental Screening Simplified

for Landlords

We've got a video just for Property Owners... popcorn optional!

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For Property Owners, SoftScreen is a completely cost-free snap!
In just 2 simple steps you're on your way to screening Tenants...

  1. Register to create your FREE Property Owner Account.
  2. Enter the address of your rental property by clicking to Create a listing. That's it!
    Adress entry can be done by Listing Realtors®, Property Managers, or Landlords.

You'll receive a complete package of robust TransUnion® Screening Reports and Rental Application.
These are sent directly to YOU, and to your Real Estate Professional
(hopefully, you have an amazing Realtor® on board).

That's it!

SoftScreen is a powerful platform with features that make rental screening
manageable and easy.

It's really that simple!

So, how do you find a great Tenant?

Mag Glass Keys

Well, you can check references, verify employment and income, and then make sure to perform your due
diligence, with SoftScreen. SoftScreen is simple to use. And did we mention that it's cost-free? Yup, FREE!
With SoftScreen, Tenants always provide payment for their own reports!

SoftScreen delivers a complete set of full-featured, robust rental screening reports.

  • Credit Report with Score and all the bells and whistles!
  • National Criminal Background Screening
  • National Eviction Screening
  • A Best-In-Class Rental Application

Have a hard-working Real Estate Listing Professional marketing your property?
We even provide copies to them. Either one, the other, or both.

For a detailed list of our standard report features, please see our FAQs available by CLICKING HERE

Found a potentially great Tenant?
Send them an invitation!

Either you or your Agent can invite a potential Tenant to apply.
With just their email address you can engage them in the Rental Screening Process.

Don't have the Tenant's email address? Not a problem...
Potential Tenants can find your rental simply by searching for its address!
Just point them to www.SoftScreen.com

Working with a Real Estate Professional?

You can also invite your Realtor® to receive copies of a prospective Tenant's Reports along with you.
Or, your Agent can enter the property, and invite YOU to receive the Reports!

We even handle FCRA required Letter's of Adverse Action - Denial of Tenancy

What happens if a Tenant isn't suitable based on something in their consumer reports?
The FCRA requires a letter of adverse action to be sent to the applicant. We've got this!
With a simple click of the mouse, SoftScreen handles this for you! We will notify the Tenant with the appropriate letter that meets your obligation under the FCRA.

Things just got easy!

Let's Get Started...
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