Rental Screening Simplified

for Realtors®

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For Realtors®, SoftScreen is a snap!
A cost-free, absolutely effortless, snap!

A powerful, Realtor® Centric platform, providing full due diligence, by delivering all three available consumer reports: Credit + Score, Criminal Background, and Eviction. Standard!
We also include a Best-In-Class rental Application.
We make rental screening manageable and easy.

But most importantly, SoftScreen is legally compliant, safe, and secure.
Protecting Brokers, Agents, and the clients they represent with seamless FCRA compliance!

Peace of mind. It's priceless!

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Just by registering the address of a rental property, any Tenant can provide a full suite of TransUnion® Rental Screening Reports and a Best-In-Class Rental Application...

  • Tenants can locate your listing by its address, providing Reports directly to YOU and/or the Property Owner.
    One, the other, or both!
    Accurate, certified, directly from TransUnion®.
    For a detailed list of our standard report features, please see our FAQs available by

    - OR -

  • ANY Agent can invite ANY Tenant to apply for ANY Rental Listing, with just their email address!

For Brokers and Agents, There's No Paperwork, No Contracts, No Credentialing!
SoftScreen is Available for EVERY Brokerage Firm, Realtor®, and for EVERY Rental Property in the United States!


Just create your account, register the address of your rental listing,
and you're good to go!

That's it!

SoftScreen lets Tenants order, receive, and share their Reports

Think of it as receiving an email that's also been cc'd to others!
It's the very same information, secure, certified, and reliable, sent directly to multiple recipients at the same time.

For Agents Representing the Tenant - We've got you covered too!

SoftScreen is, hands down, the BEST possible option for Tenants and their Agents!
  • You can invite your client to apply for any registered address.
  • Address not yet registered? No problem...
    YOU can enter any address and invite the Listing Agent or Property Owner to receive your client's Reports!
  • Tenants receive their own Reports!
  • Reports are a Soft Hit that won't impact their score
  • Tenants can re-share their Reports, again and again, at ZERO additional cost, making multiple rental applications a snap!
  • SoftScreen also includes our Best-In-Class Rental Application, eliminating the need for paperwork
  • Advocating for what's best for your clients has never been easier!

We don't want to bore you! But...
If you would like more of the details that make SoftScreen so great,

Here you go

For a detailed list of our standard report features, please see our FAQs available by CLICKING HERE

We know there are a lot of questions

For Professional Real Estate Agents, the prospect of conducting a rental transaction can be daunting.
Much of the concern stems from issues that swirl around the proper distribution and handling of the Tenant's consumer reports.
Credit, criminal, even eviction reports.

  • Who orders the reports?
  • Who receives them?
  • Can they be shared between agents?
  • Can the Landlord have a copy?
  • How do I make sure the Tenant's information is safe?

These are all excellent questions to ask. Unfortunately, there are often too few answers. Or worse, conflicting information. And mistakes, if made, can be very problematic, to say the least.
But don't worry, SoftScreen will make everything totally simple and safe!
We handle it all, seamlessly providing legal compliance, and making sure EVERYONE is covered and EVERYTHING is done the correct way.

  • With SoftScreen, Tenants order their own reports
  • Reports are delivered directly to Tenants, Agents and Property Owners
    Worries about not being able to share reports are a thing of the past!
  • SoftScreen does the job for everyone. Safely, legally, and always making sure the Tenant's information is protected.

Tenants always know who they are sharing their reports with, and agents no longer have to worry about any of the heavy lifting typically associated with rental transactions!

It all starts with an address!
Because Rental Screening requires a Rental Property.

The Listing Agent starts by registering the Rental Property's address... Simple!
(With SoftScreen, even a Tenant's agent can enter the address of a property not yet registered and invite the Listing Agent to receive the Tenant's Reports).

That's it!

And with our available MLS/IDX import, Brokers can opt-in to automatic entry of every listing their firm takes.
Broker participating and an Agent account is required)

Reports will just show up. Automatically. Anytime a Tenant provides them! We'll let you know immediately!
We always send you an email the moment they do!

Go Hands Off!
Want to avoid receiving the report?
Send it to the Property Owner only!

We can do that too! SoftScreen gives Listing Agents the option of having reports go only to the Property Owner.
You can enter the property's address on behalf of your client OR you can ask them to set up the property themselves.

"You've been invited"
SoftScreen invitations can help make Rental Screening happen...

Any Agent can invite Tenants to apply...
Once an address is registered, Agents on both sides of the transaction can invite Tenants to apply with just their email address.
And if an address is not yet registered, any Agent can enter an address, inviting the Listing Agent to receive a Tenant's Reports. We call this "
Creating a Provisional Listing".
Functionality for Agents on both sides of the deal!

View the Tenant's Reports. Anytime, Anywhere!

Just log in to your SoftScreen dashboard from any device, and click to view available reports.
Reports for every Tenant who has applied. For every one of your rental property listings.
Everything in one organized place.

You're Welcome!

Letters of Adverse Action - Denial of Tenancy
We've got your back!

What happens if a Tenant isn't suitable based on something in their consumer reports?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires a letter of adverse action to be sent to the applicant.
We've got this covered! With a simple click of the mouse, SoftScreen will notify the Tenant.
We help you meet your obligation under the FCRA.

And finally, a very important note to Real Estate Professionals about the FCRA and legal compliance (the serious stuff)

Because the FCRA GOVERNS THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, PRIVACY, AND DISTRIBUTION of the Tenant's consumer reports, SoftScreen must deliver a safe, secure solution for Realtors®.
This is why our goal is to seamlessly provide legal compliance on behalf of all involved.

By delivering report(s) directly and only to those who have a legally permissible purpose for receiving them, SoftScreen protects the Tenant. We making certain their consumer data is shared appropriately, and limited to only those who are permitted to receive it, in accordance with the FCRA.

In this way, all parties are protected; The real estate professional, the Property Owner, and most importantly, the Tenant, who's confidential consumer data is at the heart of it all.

With this in mind, please consider the following:

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its Amendments, a Tenant’s Consumer Report, be it Credit, Criminal and/or Eviction, may ONLY be used in accordance with a Permissible Purpose.
For Real Estate Professionals, the Permissible Purpose for using the Tenant’s consumer report(s) is Tenant Screening, also referred to as Rental Screening.
  • The ONLY recipient of the report(s) SoftScreen provides can and should be the LISTING AGENT, Property Manager, and/or the Property Owner. The consumer (the Tenant) may also receive their own Reports.
  • The LISTING AGENT, Property Manager, and/or the Property Owner are the End User Recipients, those who will use the report(s) for the legally permissible purpose and intended use - a decision on the tenancy.
  • An Agent representing a Tenant CANNOT utilize the report(s) to make a decision on tenancy, thus, in accordance with the FCRA, has no valid need, right or legal standing to receive the report(s) from SoftScreen
  • As such, a Tenant’s Agent CANNOT be the recipient of the report(s)
  • Agents representing a Tenant CANNOT receive the report(s) directly from SoftScreen and then re-distribute the report(s) to any other recipient.


Thank You!

SoftScreen - Rental Screening Simplified