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Tenants Are Awesome!

We love you guys! That's why...

SoftScreen lets Tenants order AND RECEIVE their own Rental Screening Reports and then share their Reports with ANY Property Owner, and Professional Real Estate Listing Agent, for ANY Rental Property in the U.S.
And, Tenants can share and re-share their Reports as many times as needed, up to 150 shares in a 30 day period at no additional cost! SoftScreen reports are a SOFT HIT that will NOT hurt your credit score! We've created a safe, simple, Tenant friendly system!

Let's Get Started... Create your SoftScreen Tenant Account
Now you can receive and share your reports...

First, create your SoftScreen TENANT account

  1. Create your Tenant Account by registering with us (use the register button at the top of the page)
  2. Click to provide your reports.

Simply locate your chosen rental property by its address and click to order your Reports. SoftScreen lets you securely receive your own reports, and at the very same time share them with the Property Owner and/or the Property's Agent. You can even complete your Rental Application!

That's it! Rental Screening Simplified.

FYI... The property address needs to be registered in our system. If it's not, no problem!

If you can't locate the address, you can invite the Listing Realtor® or the Property Owner to enter the address. You can do this right from your SoftScreen account. Its simple to do and we guide you through it.


If you already have your own Realtor®, have them do it for you. We've built Realtor® functionality into SoftScreen to make it easier for them to help you. There's info for your amazing Real Estate Agent in the navigation bar up above.

If the property is already listed within SoftScreen...

You're good to go. No need to ask anyone to register it. Just log in and locate the address

OR accept the invitation you've received.
Invitation? Yes...

You may have received an invitation via email, sent to you by either Your Agent or the Property Owner or the Property Owner's Professional Real Estate Listing Agent.

Either way lets you provide your reports safely, discreetly and easily!

HEY, wanna know what's on your own reports?

Awesome - You Get Your Own Report

Wondering about the content of your credit report? Did your 2nd cousin, twice removed, with the same name as you have a late payment that may have accidentally sunk YOUR credit score? Is there a bogus criminal conviction on your background report? Don't worry, we've got your back! Because unlike other Rental Screening Services, SoftScreen delivers reports directly to Tenants! Nothing hidden. Full transparency and peace of mind! Reports are sent to you automatically.

Awesomer - Protecting Your Score!

SoftScreen reports are a soft hit so there is no negative impact on your credit score. That's a pretty big deal! Most reports for Tenant Screening are a Hard Hit, which will impact your score in a negative manner. Not SoftScreen! No matter how many times you provide your reports, you will NEVER experience a negative impact on your credit score!

Awesomest - Go Crazy - Apply for 150 different rental properties!

Even better, SoftScreen's reports are not limited to a one-time-only use! SoftScreen reports can be used multiple times, on an almost unlimited basis, (up to 150 times over a 30 day period) avoiding future costs for additional reporting when applying for more than one rental property. Pay once, and continue using your reports at no additional charge!

Shhh - Can you keep a secret? We can!

What's more Awesome than Awesomest? We're not really sure, but we do know this... We don't disclose your Social Security Number or any of your Account Numbers! To anyone! Ever! SoftScreen reports are exceedingly private by design. Protecting your consumer data is something we take seriously!

SoftScreen - Rental Screening Simplified