Rental Screening Simplified

Now Every Realtor®, Tenant, Property Owner, and Property Manager can receive Rental Screening Reports, safely and securely!

  • Realtors®, PM's, and Landlords, just register with us to enter your Rental Property's Address into SoftScreen. That's it!
  • Tenants, register with us, select a rental property's address, order, receive, and provide your Reports to others.
  • Everyone Receives Robust Reports... Complete Credit Report, Score, National Criminal, and Eviction Reports!
  • SoftScreen Reports are a SOFT inquiry that never hurt credit scores!
  • Tenants can use Reports multiple times, for multiple properties, on an almost unlimited basis at ZERO additional cost!
  • SoftScreen is a Fantastic Value, saving Tenants time, and expense.
  • SoftScreen is available for ANY Address in the U.S. and works for all Tenants, Realtors®, PM's and Property Owners.
  • Realtors®, PM's, and Property Owners can invite potential Tenants to apply with just their email address! Brilliant!
  • SoftScreen keeps everyone in the loop with timely email notifications about invitation acceptance and activity.

SoftScreen - Rental Screening Simplified! Just click the blue button, and...