Rental Screening Simplified

Finally! Every Single Tenant, Realtor® and Property Owner in the U.S. can ALL receive Rental Screening Reports, safely and securely! Realtors® and Landlords, simply enter your Rental Property's Address into SoftScreen. That's it! For Tenants, just locate the address of any property entered in SoftScreen by the Realtor® or the Property's Owner to order, receive and securely share your Rental Screening Reports with just a click. SoftScreen Reports are a soft inquiry that never hurt credit scores! Reports can even be used multiple times, for multiple properties, on an almost unlimited basis at zero additional charge! Welcome to SoftScreen - Rental Screening Simplified! Just click the blue button, and...

For Tenants

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  1. Register to create your Tenant Account.
  2. Locate the rental property by its address and click to send reports to the Listing Agent, Landlord and receive your own copies!

It's that easy!

Safely and securely order and receive your own Credit Report, Credit Score, Criminal Background and Eviction Reports, AND at the same time, share them directly with ANY Property Owner and Real Estate Professional! All done in just minutes. You can even provide your Rental Application!

Click Here to visit our Tenant Information Page